Winnow delivers a compelling BI experience that puts our customers in touch with guided analysis anywhere, anytime. Multi-device enabled, you can review during meetings on your tablet or view on go on your smartphone.

Why WINNOW is Faster

Winnow employs a multipronged strategy to enhance performance of its analytic engines. Key to Winnow's performance is enhanced caching and a finely balanced physical data model.


Winnow is architected to employ fine-grained report level caching. Report level caching not only caches query results, but also the presentation objects where it is relevant to do so. This not only saves the Database query, it also saves additional connects to the reporting layer and provides unmatched speed.

Caching in Winnow is embedded and comes out of the box with no additional configuration required. Fine grained caching is achieved by including filtered and segmented reports as well in the cache – so that commonly used filters are served up quickly. Not just caching, cache management is also out-of-the-box and requires no manual intervention from users or administrators.

Physical Data Model

Winnow's physical data model is tuned to offer the right levels of aggregation to support performance requires, yet provide flexibility for the business data model to evolve - as more information items become available with source data evolution – or are required to be added in order to meet regulatory or compliance directives.