Our Technology

Winnow integrates a suite of best of breed technologies that blends security, performance, ease-of-use and flexibility to provide users a unique platform for diagnostic and predictive analytics. Winnow is built to be platform agnostic - and can leverage existing resources like database platforms and reporting tools that may be already available in the Enterprise Application Network.

Winnow uses a smorgasbord of technologies architected to provide best-in-class features to our customers.

Reporting tools, Data Cleansing and Transformation tools, Visualization tools, In Memory databases and Caching tools are all integrated seamlessly to provide a package that is easy to use and easy to administer.

In built into Winnow’s technology approach is Axslogic’s vision to be technology agnostic – allowing us the flexibility to blend Winnow into our end-customer’s enterprise technology fabric.

Component Category Supported technologies
Application Server Tomcat 7
IBM WebSphere 7.0
Web Server Embedded (Tomcat 7)
Web Browser • Android default browser 3.0 4.0
• Apple Safari 5.0
• Apple Safari on iOS 5.x 6.x
• Blackberry Playbook Browser 1.0 2.0
• Google Chrome 21
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 8.0 9.0 10 11
• Mozilla Firefox ESR 17.0
LDAP Server • All LDAP Servers that support the LDAP V3 Specification
• Microsoft Active Directory 6.1
File Format CSV, Comma separated, tab separated, bar separated
Mobile Android and iOS