Analytics Services

Axslogic's analytics services leverage historical data, business and competitive aspects along with environmental and economic factors and outlook to deliver analytical and life cycle models. Using a powerful new approach of the Adaptive Rule-Based and statistical profiling applications, we provide continual contextual and content driven analytics as well as automated learning for our clients.

Analytics Services

Pre-Acquisition Analytics: Determining the right customer/product strategy

  • Channel optimization
  • Prospect targeting
  • Product suitability

List Management: Efficient Use of Marketing Offers

  • Profile matching
  • Full tracking of campaign offers and results
  • Best use of prospect lists

Response Scorecards: Improves Effectiveness of Marketing Strategy

  • Sharpens identification of prospects
  • Improves response rate to offer
  • Saves acquisition costs

Cross-sell Strategy: Right Offer to Right Customer at Right Time

  • Hierarchy of product offers
  • Customized product concepts and offers
  • Targeted rewards and incentives
  • Balanced account growth and credit exposure strategy

Credit Approval Policies : Build Portfolio Commensurate withRisk Appetite

  • Validation and fine-tuning of credit policies
  • Approval-Reject Analysis
  • Design and tracking of test programs

Credit Underwriting Process: Productivity Improvement and Cost Savings

  • Automate manual / judgmental underwriting process
  • Balancing operational expense with underwriting quality
  • Improve underwriting process efficiency

Credit Application Scorecards: Bookings with Predictable Outcomes

  • Using credit scorecard in booking strategy
  • Setting of cut-off scores
  • Swap Set Analysis
  • Line assignment strategy

Up-sell / Down-sell Strategy: Improve/Manage Customer Profitability

  • Improve portfolio profitability with appropriate up-sell strategy
  • Manage risky customers with timely down-sell action

Product Profitability

  • Comprehensive understanding of profitability drivers
  • Expansion into new customer segments by balancing risk and revenue

Revenue & Retention Scorecards

  • Targeted product offers to high revenue customers
  • Portfolio growth or containment strategy based on revenue potential of customer segments
  • Early identification of "likely to attrite" customers for retention offers

Differential Pricing

  • Risk based pricing strategies for new and existing customers
  • Using pricing to complement credit extension decision

Portfolio Segmentation

  • Customizing value proposition for individual portfolio segments
  • Deepen customer relationship and enhance customer value
  • Provides competitive edge in managing risk-reward trade offs

Portfolio Scorecards

  • Specialized scorecards for identification of accounts according to risk and revenue potential
  • Portfolio growth or containment strategy based on revenue potential of customer segments
  • Effective relationship and exposure management

Line Increase / Top Up Strategy

  • Effectively manage / expand existing relationships
  • Boost impact of line increase with balance stimulation programs

Authorization Strategy / Fraud Prediction Models

  • Optimize sale transaction approval with credit / fraud control
  • Review of suspected fraud transactions and false positive ratios
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Collection Management

  • Differentiated collections strategies by portfolio segments
  • Capacity planning
  • Opportunity cost analysis
  • Loss / recovery forecasting

Collection Scorecards

  • Maximize liquidation rates by using Collection score to prioritize collections
  • Reduce collection costs and collection time

Payment Predictor / Recovery Scorecards

  • Optimize collection resources in late stage and recovery collection
  • Targeted actions for effective recovery

Debt Sale

  • Model forecasts financial impact of sale of portfolio versus retaining accounts in-house