Implementation Services

Embedded in Axslogic implementation services are the deep domain knowledge and technical prowess developed through strong in-house training programs to help clients implement Winnow efficiently. From data mapping to software implementation, Axslogic implementation services use best practices to help reduce risk and accelerate adoption of Winnow.

Winnow has a three step implementation process that is configured to get Winnow up and running – if the data can be made available – in less than 2-3 weeks.

Step 1

Winnow implementation steps start early in the project life cycle with an analysis of the Winnow Data Dictionary and mapping the required source fields. Test data is then extracted in readiness for Winnow deployment.

Step 2

Winnow software deployment takes between 2-3 days for on-premise deployment. For our SaaS customers, provisioning requires less than a day. Post deployment / provisioning, data extracted during the test extraction phase is loaded into Winnow, and the reports validated for data accuracy and completeness.

Step 3

Post testing and rectification of data issues, live data for 2-3 years as required is extracted and loaded. After verification of key reports, designated users are trained on Winnow usage and required go-live activities initiated simultaneously.