WINNOW TM cutting edge Early Warning System, designed to significantly enhance Growth Strategy, Portfolio Management, Risk Management and Portfolio Control for banks and other financial institutions. Winnow has pre-built alerts, reports and dashboards targeted at managing loan portfolios.

The WINNOW™ Solution

WINNOW™ is a cutting edge best-in-class business analytics platform that provides pre-programmed early warning capabilities, state of the art reporting and analysis at various stages of a customer / product lifecycle – Acquisitions, Portfolio Management and Collections, thus enabling clients to profitably grow and manage their lending businesses more effectively.

WINNOW™ provides customized views by function and level of users in the organization. It has drill-down and segmentation capability across 60 pre-defined dimensions at the click of a button. With minimal training, users can create multi-dimensional reports in minutes using WINNOW™'s patented data dictionary.

A key feature of WINNOW™ is its unique Early Warning Alert Capability (EWAC). Alerts are designed to maximize the ability of the business to respond to performance issues and are set up specific to a User and a report.

WINNOW™ leverages a wealth of global domain experience and expertise that Axslogic's management team provides as intellectual property to productize the analytics process as a comprehensive pre-packaged solution that can be delivered on desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices.